Best of Cluck Real Chicken Jerky Human Grade Treats for Dogs, 70g

These Chicken Treats are lean meat that’s low on calories and high on protein, essential for building lean muscle mass. This Chicken is freshly cut, slowly cooked at high temperature for many hours to become the best dried chicken jerky treats for your dogs.

Contains naturally occurring Omega 6 fatty acids which help in achieving healthy skin.

Chicken acts as a main energy source without boosting big calorie count.

It’s absolutely natural and a rather precious treat.

These treats can be offered straight from pouch to pooch. While the leftover crumbs can be sprinkled over regular meals as healthy seasoning. This is a complementary treat and should always be fed under supervision with a bowl of fresh water at hand.

Small dogs(2-4pcs) Medium (5-7pcs) Large (8-9pcs) Puppy ( 1-2 pcs after 4 months of age)

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