Dog Treats Cheese Please Himalayan Cheese Puff Strips

Made with Yak/Cow's Milk, 100% Natural| Grain Free| 70g

These cheese treats are made from the purest milk of cows and yaks raised at an altitude of 12000 ft in the pristine and chemical-free surroundings of the Himalayas.

Following a traditional recipe by seasoned Churpi makers, they are sun dried for 35 days and smoked for a distinctive flavour and texture. Besides being deliciously tasty, their uneven, natural shape helps keep your dog's teeth clean too. Almost makes you wonder why they don't make these great cheese treats for humans. Like the original Pawfect Cheese chew bars, this appetising range is made in the Himalayas using the same traditional recipe and process. But what our canine friends enjoy most in this range is the crruunch. Select from puffbars or puffbites each with their own unique balance of hardness. Hardness and size but the with same Pawfect guarantee of taste and nourishment.

HEALTH BENEFITS- This Gluten Free and Grain Free cheese Treat packed with nutritional values have assured health benefits for your dogs. The treats are Rich in natural protein, minerals, and omega 3. It enhances their digestion, keeps a check on their eye, hair, toenail, and skin health. The treats have high calcium that is essential for cartilage & bone health of your dog. The uneven and natural shape of the treats will maintain your dog’s oral health by keeping their teeth clean.

NUTRITIONAL & IMMUNITY BOOSTER- Cheese Please- Himalayan Cheese Puff Strips are fantastic low-calorie and High protein snack packed with valuable nutrients, beneficial dietary fibre and Calcium that are good for puppies, adult dogs as well as ageing dogs.

100% NATURAL-100% Natural & Human Grade cheese treats are made with traditional process using milk from the Himalayan Cows. These cheesy puff strips are preservative free that are made naturally by sun drying them for 35 days and are then smoked with delicious distinct flavour. The positive nutrition and the yummy flavour will make your dog crave for these cheesy snacks.

INGREDIENTS- Yak/Cow’s milk (99.9%), Lime juice, Salt. Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein – minimum 60.0%, Fat content – minimum 5.0%, Ash content – maximum 5.0%, Fiber content – maximum 0.5%, Moisture content – maximum 10.0%

FEEDING GUIDE- Cheese Please Himalayan Puff Strips are ready to eat straight out of this pouch as an anytime snack or as a delicious treat for good behaviour. You can even sprinkle crumbs over your dog’s regular meal as a cheesy topping to enhance flavour and nutrition. Tastes best with a bowl of fresh drinking water on the side to wash it all down.

Always zip seal the pouch to preserve its super crunch or store in a dry, airtight container.

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