The Shihtzu Groom Box – Ultimate 8 in 1, Head to Paw Groom-Kit

(Shampoo + Conditioner + Dry Shampoo + Paw Butter + Toy +Towel) - pH Neutral and Paraben Free

Captain Zack - The Shih Tzu Groom Box

Ultimate 8-in-1 Grooming Kit for Your Doggo!

One of the best parts of having a Shih Tzu as your pet is grooming that wonderfully soft and luxurious coat. These happy and affectionate dogs have a fulsome coat which should be bathed weekly or every other week. The frequency of baths depends on the thickness of the coat and the lifestyle of your Shih Tzu. As compared to a clean coat, a dirty coat will tangle and mat quicker and more often. Are you planning to bring home your own Shih Tzu but don’t know where to begin with grooming? Fret not!

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