Wipe Right Anti-Bacterial Pet Wipes, 80 Wipes

Wipe Right wet wipes are the perfect match for pets who need a quick freshen up between baths.

These hypoallergenic wipes are infused with tea tree oil which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

They also have the goodness of vitamin E to soothe dry skin and aloe-vera for a calm, soothing effect.

Simply pull one out, wipe dirt and grime off¬ the coat and there you go — one clean pet ready to fall in love with.


  • Remove wipe from packaging and reseal to maintain freshness.
  • Wipe down pet from back of neck to tail.
  • Carefully avoiding the eyes.
  • Dispose of wipe in trash and do not flush.
  • Safe for Cats & Dogs of 4 Weeks of age and older


• For all purpose – It can be used as bath wipes for cleaning if your pet hates bath. It also helps tackle with dirt & odour of your pet. It acts as a disinfectant to clean your pets’ paw and body post outdoor walk.

• It provides protections for your household and kids against dirt and bacteria carried home pets via dirty paws or body parts

• Very Mild enough formula for everyday use.

• Each pet wipe is moistened with a natural cleansing formula that gently cleanses & soothes itchy, dry skin Can be used on – paws, face, eyes , coat , Butt Logos – pH balanced , Anti-bacterial (kills germs ) , Soothing , non-irritant , Safe & natural ingredients Wipe right pet wipes are anti-bacterial wipes to keep your pets hygienic, clean & smelling fresh all day.

Captain Zack wipes are Hypoallergenic and infused with Tea tree oil to naturally protect your pet from harmful germs & bacterias. The wet sipes are formulated using Vitamin E & Aloe to soothe and nourish your pets irritated, itchy and dry skin. The wipes are easy to use, and it leaves your pooch with an immediate clean & refreshed feel.


  1. Open lid and peel off¬ seal

  2. Locate & pull the wipe at the centre of the roll

  3. Insert wipe corner through the lid hole

  4. Close the lid

  5. Now pull & tear wipes as per use

  6. Close lid firmly after use to retain moisture

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